Step 2 familiarise yourself with the Food Plan Framework and guidelines

Now you have your TDEE calculated, its time to look at our plan frame work.

In the document attached you will find the frame work for you to stay in this calorie deficit and hit your macronutrient requirements. Don’t worry too much about the macronutrients for now just familiarise yourself with the foods involved and the recipes. Below you will find links to the reading material which I recommend you download to your phone or computer. Please watch the video below on how I would like you to use myfitnesspal. You will have to click on full screen to view.

In the meal suggestions provided there is something for everyone from the adventurous chef to the not so adventurous. There are also some meal suggestions and ideas that I use regularly that are very time efficient. If you see something you fancy, id suggest putting that meal into the planner or on paper. Id stick to the same evening meal for a few weeks so you get some consistency and good habits. Also it makes shopping very easier knowing what your having each night of the week. Dont worry about the calories that will be explained in the video above. Also feel free to fill with your own meal preferences.


meal Planning (1)

my tips for preparing quick convenient meals

Recipe E-book

weekly food planner


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