12 Week Program

At Conquer Fitness our mission statement is priming performance and forging fortitude through a training experience that is target driven, functional and empowering. This is embodied in the 12 Week Online Focus Program. We are focused on the end goal but what is equally important to us is the person you become in the process.

During the program we intend to:-

Educate. The basics of macronutrients, calorie balance, how to track food efficiently and accurately, principles of athletic performance.

Coach. The aim of the plan isn’t to restrict calories within a time frame but to coach members to adapt a sustainable lifestyle where they can perform, feel and look their best.

Support. Making changes to your life can be daunting and difficult, our goal is to support you through making these changes and holding you accountable on a weekly basis.

This program is designed bearing in mind the restrictions we face during COVID-19. There are no equipment and minimal equipment versions available. If restrictions are lifted throughout the 12 weeks and members have access to a gym or adequate facilities, the programming can be amended at the members request.

What’s included:-

  • 12 week program focusing on three areas; performance, aesthetics and lifestyle
  • Fitness testing and programming
  • Diet plan and nutrition coaching
  • Weekly progress check in and weight ins
  • 2 live Facebook workouts, 2 GPP ‘WOD’ sessions and 2 goal specific sessions
  • Equipment or no equipment options
  • Lifestyle accountability

If you are interested in purchasing the program, complete the form below and click the Subscribe button. Once you have purchased the program, click the Members Area link in the main navigation to access the premium content included within the program.

You do not need a PayPal account to purchase the program. There will be an option to checkout as a guest.