James Cartwright

Father, fitness Coach &
2 times world record holder

From father of three to record breaking fitness coach, James Cartwright is ready to help you conquer your fitness goals.

Where it all began

Pictured above, James and his Grandad 'Big O'

James' love for sport runs deep, having first formed his passion early in life when his late grandfather, a titan in James' eyes, with 37 well respected years' experience in Athletics and performance, helped take him under his wing. 

He introduced James to the world of weightlifting and bodybuilding at the age of 14, and, under his watchful eye, James became OBSESSED. 

But for some time this passion remained only a hobby for James. See, as the weights grew on the barbell, so did James' gravitation towards business studies, pulling him all the way to the University of Wales Institute Cardiff, where he completed his degree in Business and Management Studies.

Pictured above, James working for his local super market, before starting Conquer Fitness

It wasn't all plain sailing

After falling on hard times both financially and with his mental health, he knew he needed to take action. He had to pursue his true passion for the sake of his future. 


That's how Conquer Fitness was born in 2015, from the foundations of hard work, dedication and sacrifice. James worked 7 days a week and 14 hours a day to force his dream into a reality. 

Where he is now

It took almost 2 and half years but his services are now well in demand, running up to 100 online clients during each seasonal intake.


James' popularity stems from his unique understanding of the challenges of staying in shape whilst being a parent. That's why he's dedicated his services and experience to parents who have lost their way juggling the demands of life.


James is approachable, empathetic and extremely logical in his approach, this is what has allowed him to create an enormous portfolio of results. 


  • Trained 18 Men to break the Concept 2 World Record for fastest 100km on the Concept 2 SkiErg.
  • Various other individual Concept 2 World Records, 2 welsh championship indoor rowing silver medals and 2 gold relay medals.
  • A 24 hour Concept 2 World Record team row, 2 x 100km rowing team world records.
  • Convinced and trained over 50 people to take part in 8 hour circuit training session.
  • Using his determination, experience, investment in various courses, self development and mentorships, James has created a now thriving online programme.
  • James has raised thousands of pounds for charities close to his heart such as CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), Cancer Research and Macmillan, by completing outrageous feats of fitness such as a back-to-back half marathon SkiErg and half marathon row.

If you are someone who’s in need of the expertise of a fat loss and fitness professional, look no further.

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